STD Panel Test (Get Tested For 10 Most Common STDs)

std panel test

The fact that approx 20 million people are suffering from a different kind of STD may leave the world with a question mark! The fact that a greater part of such affected people compromises of the youngsters, pregnant ladies, and the newborn babies are more heartbreaking! The biggest curse is that the number is increasing at a great percentage every year. A research shows that these diseases have spread at a greater rate due to unawareness and would have been controlled or could have been treated in early stages.

The question arises how one should know if he/she is suffering from any STD as they come with different symptoms in various cases and in some cases the symptoms are negligible. An STD Panel test is recommended which could detect results for several sexually transmitted diseases.

Introduction to STD Panel test

STD Panel test is done for diagnosing various sexually transmitted diseases at one price at a time. This test is done through urine and blood samples. In case if lately you had unprotected sex and had started some exceptional symptoms then it may be a case that you are suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases.  In certain cases, the symptoms are not so prompt but you may be suffering from some STD and may be transmitted to other people. If you are in engaged in unsafe sex then it is always advisable to get yourself tested for STD frequently to prohibit transmitting it to others.

What is included in full panel STD test?

The diseases that could be diagnosed via it are Syphilis, Chlamydia, Herpes I and II, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Gonorrhea, and HIV. In case if you think that you have been exposed to STD by any means then STD Panel Test is necessary for you. You can avail the result in 1-2 days. There are no particular symptoms that could reveal whether you are infected with STD or not! It is also tough to learn whether you are having single or multiple STDs. Here if you do STD Panel test with us then you can get 10 tests under this test which will cover viral STDs or other commonly occurring bacterial problems. Herpes type 1&2, HIV type 1& 2 antibody/antigen (4th generation), gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A, B & C. In a way, these comprehensive tests deliver peace of mind. Get it done by us today and gain peace after knowing your STD status.

Our tests are FDA approved and the early detection test for HIV RNA helps in screening the RNA genetic material present in your blood. This particular test of HIV can deliver results in 9-11 days if you have exposed to HIV.

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STD Panel Test Process

For all those who think that STD Panel Test is a long process then for their information, this test takes only 5 minutes to process. Only blood and urine samples are needed for this test and within 24-48 hours results will be handed to you. In case if the results are positive and you want to keep your visit secret then a consultation can be provided over the phone.

How much does STD Panel test cost?

The panel test though delivers perfect results for multiple diseases but the cost of this 10 test panel is only $198 and in case if you are willing to go for HIV RNA Early Detection (10 test panel) then the cost will be $349.

Who should take STD Panel test?

Though the sexually transmitted disease panel test is advisable for everyone who is sexually active but it is especially advised to homosexuals-men, who are having sex with other men, those who have been engaged in any unsafe sex practices in last 24 hours and for a lady who is expecting shortly.

Why should you go for an STD Panel Test?

It is very much necessary that you should know your sexual health status time to time. This test basically provides you the control over your sexual health without undergoing the traditional way of STD testing and engrossing yourself in any kind of embarrassment. We provide the similar FDA approved results of STD Panel test like that of any hospital at your doorstep. We also provide the best set of guidance in accordance with your results.

Some facts about the Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Does STD affected people are more likely to be exposed to HIV?

A research has recently proved the United States that people who are suffering from gonorrhea, herpes, Syphilis or other sexual diseases are more likely to get affected by HIV or are already affected.

Is it true that having any kind of STD opens the door to HIV more?

All of you who are suffering from any kind of STD then the chances of having HIV increase more than those who are not suffering from STD.  The reason behind this is that they are already exposed to few behaviors and symptoms of HIV. If there are already STD diseases in the skin then HIV has an easy route to enter your body.

Activities that can lead you to STD and HIV

There are many circumstances that may lead to HIV or STD diseases.

  • Having unsafe sex like having sex without condoms or oral sex.
  • Having sex with unknown partners.
  • Having many sex partners.
  • Having sex after being influenced by hard drinks or drugs. This situation may arrest inhibition and could expose you more towards sexual issues.

Preventive measures

Prevention is always better then cures. One can only avoid STD by not having any kind of sex including anal, oral or vaginal but in case if you are sexually efficacious then there are certain measures that you can take to avoid HIV or STD:

  • Never forget to use condoms while having sex in the right way
  • Try to avoid any risky sexual behavior.
  • Control the number of your sexual partners.
  • Always be clear and honest with your healthcare officer and confirm if you need any test for HIV and STDs.
  • Try to restrict or reduce the quantity of alcohol or drug while having sex or before sex.
  • If your healthcare officer refers PREP or pre-exposure prophylaxis for preventing the development of HIV then learn about it.

If you are suffering from HIV and then STD occurs then are these harmful to your sexual partner or they are more likely to have HIV?

There are possibilities that if you are having HIV and then another STD, your HIV negative partner may get HIV from you. In case if you really want your partner not to suffer from same then:

  • ART or antiretroviral therapy is the highly suggestive measure which arrests the quantity of virus in your body liquids and even in blood. It is known to keep you physically fit year after year and will also control the possibility of shifting HIV to your sex partner if you are regular with it.
  • Never indulge in highly unsafe sexual practices.
  • Condoms should never be forgotten. They should be used in right way always.

If your partner is ready to go for pre-exposure prophylaxis then the risk could be controlled at a greater rate. It is appropriate if you discuss it with him/ her’s health officer.

Can HIV be prevented if STDs are treated in right way?

The answer is a complete “No.” If you are being treated for any SD then you will be treated from the complication of that STD and not from HIV. It will also help in restricting it to spread it to your partners. Discuss with your health officer if you are diagnosed with any STD to learn about the ways for protecting your partner from it and also the ways to protect yourself.

How to get more information related to STD or HIV?

Surf Through our website for complete information and any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blood or urine test required for STD panel test?

Blood as well as urine, both tests are needed for STD Panel test. There is certain STD that could be detected via urine test whereas there are others for which you may need a blood test.

When should you go for an STD test?

It is rightly said that people aged 13-64 should go for STD test once in a year but there are certain exceptional cases when you need STD test immediately. STD test is needed immediately when:

  • If you have indulged in any unsafe sex practice recently.
  • If you had sex with any anonymous partner without a condom.
  • If you are having sex with multiple partners.
  • If suddenly you have turned sexually active.
  • Gays, bisexual and MSM (Man sex with a man) may need it too often.
  • If you have shared injection then you are more likely to have HIV so STD test is needed.

What are some most common STD early symptoms?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases symptoms are neither same in all the case nor they are prominent in all cases. In some of the cases you may not be able to detect whether it is any STD unless STD Panel Test is done. Though commonly there are certain symptoms which can be noticed like:

  • Pain while urinating.
  • Discharge from penis.
  • Pain among females during intercourse.
  • Discharge from vagina in females.
  • Abdominal pain in lower side
  • Pain in testicular of men
  • Itching in private parts.
  • Painful bowel movement.

What STDs can be found in a blood test?

A list of STD diseases can be diagnosed via blood test:

  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis

What STDs can be found in a urine test?

The diseases that could be detected via urine test are:

  • HIV
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea

What should you do if your test results come out positive?

Consult your health officer if your test results are positive. Inform your partner about it and take him/her to a health officer for a checkup. Start the treatment immediately.

Are STDs curable?

Bacterial STDs could be cured if treatment is started at early stage and if diagnosed in right way. If STD is among the viral one then it could be treated but cannot be cured. One can live years after years if the treatment is correct and are on regular period. There are vaccines for some STD like hepatitis but it will only work if you are not affected.

What does a male and female STD test consist of?

The test is generally done through urine and blood test in both the female and male. In some special cases as per the guidance of the health officer a swab may be asked to put inside the penis or in women’s cervix for detailed investigation.