How Much Does HIV RNA Test Cost?

The HIV RNA Test cost only $175. Although it is always recommended that you combine it with 10 test panel. The 10 panel test help you get tested with all 10 common STDs i.e HIV 1 & 2, herpes 1 & 2, hepatitis A, hepatitis B & hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. The test bundle i.e 10 Test Panel with HIV Early Detection only cost you $349.

hiv rna test cost

At an early stage of infection you never know by which STD you have been hit and getting tested for all of them helps you know your correct status. Most of the people got more than one STD at a time that is why tested for any one of them at a time doesn’t give you your correct status.

We’re the only chain of STD testing clinics that offer FDA approved HIV RNA Test at CLIA-certified labs.

HIV RNA Test detects the virus directly by screening for RNA genetic material in your blood. The window period of HIV RNA Test is only 9 to 11 days, which means you can know your status just after 9-11 days of exposure. HIV RNA test has the shortest window period, antibody tests takes up to 3 month time to give you results.

HIV RNA Test only requires a blood sample and takes only 5 minutes of yours.

To get tested with us, you’ve to book HIV RNA test at our website. You can make a payment using all popular payment methods i.e Credit Cards, Debit Cards etc. After you book a test with us, you can visit any of our test centers near to you. You can find a test center on our website using your zip code.

hiv rna test process

HIV RNA Test cost is not much at our clinic compare to other clinics offer HIV RNA Test. The biggest advantage of ours is, we’re the only company that offers FDA approved RNA Test. Our labs are CLIA certified that means you always get most accurate results.

Our HIV RNA Test pricing is transparent. There are no hidden charges and you will never be asked to pay any additional charges for the service you’ve purchased on our website.

We also offer free consultation to all the patients whose test results comes out positive.

We’ve over 4000 test centers located in United States. You can visit anyone of them without any appointment. After you get tested your results are sent to your email account within 1-2 days.

We keep your information 100% private and your results are only shared with you.

If you’ve had a sex with a new partner whose status is unknown and you didn’t take any protection, you should take this test immediately.

HIV is a disease that is non-curable. Although it can be treated with antiretroviral drugs and if it left untreated it converts into AIDS. Early detection of AIDS is very important so that antiretroviral drugs treatment can be started early and you live a healthy life even after having an HIV.

If you’ve any question about HIV RNA Test cost or process, feel free to visit our site or talk to our counselors over phone.