Rapid HIV Testing

If you had taken an antibody test during the window period and it was negative, you should get tested again after 3 months of possible exposure with a Rapid HIV Test to confirm your status. Rapid HIV Testing is fast and gives you results in 30 minutes or less.

HIV is a growing concern all around the world and especially the under developed country are facing severe human loss due to this deadly disease. The basic reason behind it is often confined to the ignorance and the social fear. It is also true that the right treatment is yet to reach to all those who are suffering from it.

Rapid HIV Testing could be called as an immunoassay utilized for screening to deliver instant results in approx half hour or less. The samples of oral fluid or blood are used for rapid tests to HIV to search for antibodies.


Various steps involve in Rapid HIV Testing:

  • You could get this test done in the laboratories designed especially for this testing. The result of this testing could be delivered in less than half hour.
  • If the result is positive then it is a preliminary stage and the list of these tests should be back up by several confirmatory tests.

Rapid tests are the term used for tests of point-of care as you are not required to send your blood sample anywhere, it can be done in the cabin of doctor or in the especial community set for it without any prior setup or equipments. Through Saliva or finger pricked blood the sample for this testing is taken. You get the result of this testing in 20-30 minutes and hence facilitates this test available for anyone by keeping the matter secret. These tests was viewed with leeriness by a set of laboratory professional as continuous inferior performance has been recorded in the fourth generation tests and the way by which quality could be maintained even when the testing is not taking place in the lab.

The initial stage of HIV is tough to detect from the rapid tests and the results that could be generated through laboratory test of fourth generation is far better. Even if you opt for HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test it could not match the result of laboratory. The HIV tests needs to be positive and should be reconfirmed with all kinds of confirmatory tests. The main challenge starts when the doctor had not only to convey the positive results but has to convince the patient to go for the supplement tests. It is the biggest psychological test by which both the doctor and patient undergoes.

Where one can go for Rapid tests?

You can visit any of our STD clinic for Rapid HIV testing. We’ve over 4000 STD Testing clinics in the United States and offer private and most accurate HIV testing services.

Beginning of Rapid tests

It was developed 26 years ago, somewhere in the beginning of 1990 for the counties that are developing as it is not easy to get the assistance of laboratory facilities and at the same time the uptake could vary in the other countries. CDC has recommended it from 1998 due to high risk population in US and from 2003 they have formed a basic component of the testing strategy.

If you want to along with the guidelines set by US then remember you need to be too careful and the testing should be confined to the infirmaries setting where one could expect a fast turnaround of the results of testing, venepuncture refusing issues, community testing sites and source testing on urgent basis in the exposure incidents.

There are too many rapid tests available and popular but a list of features that could meet the purpose of rapid testing is as follows:

  • Easily readable results.
  • No need of complex storage and could be practice as it is.
  • User friendly- the operator could practically use it with ease.
  • Must be specific and sensitive. This ratio should be more than 99%.
  • Must be extreme non invasive.