HIV Prevention – How Not To Get An HIV?

HIV Prevention: Day by day tools for preventing HIV are increasing. The common suggestions like sleeping only with your partner, everytime using condoms while having sex and utilizing unshared needles. There are certain sets of medicines that can help you to get rid of it like PEP (Post-exposure prophylaxis), PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) etc.

HIV prevention

HIV Prevention Tips

Prevention from HIV through vaginal or anal sex

Certain simple steps like using condoms, employing safe behaviors while having sex, testing for STD etc can push you towards safer steps from HIV while having Vaginal or anal sex. It is often said that being honest to your partner bring happiness in several way and prevention from HIV is one such smile that you can grab by being honest. Increasing the number may result in more chances of HIV transmission. PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) should be checked regularly if you consider yourself exposed to HIV at higher rate. In case the partner with whom you are sexually involved is HIV positive and you are negative than PREP should be taken. In some other cases where your partner is HIV negative  but you are involve with gay sex without precaution or was detected with STD in past few months or if you enjoy sex with both genders or you are involve in sex with multiple partners without learning about their HIV status without condoms PREP should be considered.

PEP or Post Exposure Prophylaxis is a condition where the usage of HIV medicine has been already started to prevent from the infection of HIV. In case if you are ignorant about the status of your HIV and may be have got sudden exposure to HIV during sex, sometimes when your condom tears while having sex then do not delay in consulting the health care provider or to a doctor regarding immediate PEP in maximum 72 hours as every moment matter and if you starts with PEP then for 28 days you have to it daily for once or twice. If your partner is HIV infected but under the medication then the chances of you being infected with same is too low.

The best part is too get treated and tested and ask your partner to go for the same. For those who are too active in sex needs to perform this test at least once every year. STD issues can also multiply the chances for having HIV at an alarming rate.  In case if you know that your partner is infected than encourage him/her to start and retain in the treatment. If medicines to control HIV are taken regularly then it can arrest the viral load of HIV functioning in blood or other part and suppress them at low levels. Viral suppression is always suggested for HIV positive person ad it acts like a safeguard to your partner.

Avoid risky behavior like do not go for vaginal or anal sex without condom. Anal sex is more risky as it is inserted inside the vagina and the thin lining of rectum is easy to break. Generally it is said that there is no such risk involve of HIV transmission if the person is involved in oral sex as it is only ejaculated in the mouth of the partner but if the person is suffering from genital sores, oral ulcers, bleeding gums or other STD than the chances may increase.

If the sexual activities in which you are involved do not require exchange of body fluids than HIV transmission is almost not possible but could develop option for other STD risks.

Prevention from getting HIV via oral sex

As said earlier chances of HIV transmission via oral sex is negligible unless ejaculation is done in the mouth by the HIV positive man while having oral sex. The other option where the chances of being infected are high is when the mouth is in contact with feces or other special body fluids. It’s better to learn about the disease called hepatitis B and A, and take vaccines beforehand to prevent them.

Prevention of HIV through condoms

If you are regular about using the condoms whenever you have sex you can prevent yourself and others from HIV. You also need to know how to use the condom properly.

Condoms also act like a safeguard towards several sexual transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea etc that are excreted through body fluids but it has no role to play in those STD disease that are transmitted due to touch like HPV or human Papillomavirus etc.

The male and female condoms work in different ways. A male condom is worn by male and female condom is worn by male during sex in their sexual part respectively. Latex condoms are said to be the best one as they not only protect against HIV and latex allergies but also does not break easily like plastic ones. Natural membrane condoms come with holes which cannot block any sexual disease including HIV in any regard. Women condom could block HIV or not is yet to be known but it is also true that nitrile barrier acts like a safeguard against HIV. Never use lubricant with condom as it may either break the condom or turns it less effective.

Prevention of HIV through medicines

PREP surely helps the patient if they are being exposed to HIV at an alarming rate. PREP is for HIV negative people and also suggested for those who are indulge in sexual relationship with someone who is HIV positive. This list consist of those partners either who have been recently marked as HIV negative after testing or with bisexual or gay who are indulge in anal sex without protection with complains of STD in recent period or man with both male and female sex partners or people who have multiple sex partners or who had shared needles or have a positive HIV partner and is planning to conceive a baby. You need to take regular medicine and give frequent visit to the health provider of your area.

Make your partner understand that he/ she must take the testing regularly so that the necessary steps could be taken time to time. There are facilities available where they can call or text and can book your test. You should always educate yourself about HIV and know some HIV Facts so that you don’t get mislead.