Do I Have HIV?

Do I have HIV

Do I Have HIV?

Any disease could be treated well if the symptoms of the diseases could be detected at an early age. If you are educated about these symptoms beforehand may be you can take precautions and preventions at an early age. If you detect about them earlier than may be controlling the virus becomes an easy task. The impact of AIDS could be controlled by controlling the virus.


Symptoms of HIV are not similar at every stage in HIV. It differs with the stage of infection. Often patients who are suffering from HIV experience symptoms similar to that of- respiratory infection, common flu or gastrointestinal issues. Those who are floating in the first stage of HIV are called primary or acute HIV infection. In some medical terms it is known as acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

There are certain symptoms that could be said to be associated with early stage of HIV that comes along with the flu. They are:

  • Rash
  • Tiredness
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes often occurs at neck
  • Headache

Some common symptoms that may be seen commonly are sore throat, mouth ulcers, muscle pain, genital ulcer etc. Night sweats, and diarrhea could be called as some common symptoms too.

Earlier the symptoms of HIV emerged in a span of one-two months after being infected but as per the research of Department of U.S HHS (Health and Human Services) within two weeks-three months the symptoms could be seen after the post infection. Some people may experience no symptoms even after suffering from HIV.

Am I infectious?

No matter even if you have had this virus since few days only you have to agree that you are completely infectious even in the early stages of HIV. Even in the early stage of this virus your bloodstream consists of HIV virus at an aggressive rate that leads the transmission of this disease easily to others. It is also a fact that everyone cannot detect the symptoms of HIV in the primary stage but if you have any doubts regarding this Virus then remember to do this testing immediately.

More consideration

If you want to have more details regarding HIV symptoms then you should know that everytime its not solely the virus of HIV that turns you sick. Like several symptoms of HIV which are of too aggressive nature may develop due to the common opportunistic infections. Generally these infections are so dangerous that it could destroy your immune system completely. It is also noted that those who reflects no symptoms in the primary stage goes symptomatic suddenly and that continuous feeling of being sick lead to the development of Aids.

So what next!

The early phase of those patients who are infected by HIV goes through latent or chronic phase and while this phase goes on the virus is in almost sleeping mode in their body. This chronic phase could move ten or more years and sometimes people may not feel this infection at all through this period but the moment HIV gets converted into AIDS all the symptoms including vomiting, fever, nausea and fatigue may be noticed.


It could sound like a nightmare that you have to for HIV test but if you have any doubts than it is compulsory. It may be you have not felt any such tremors in the primary phase but it is not that you are not infectious and it cannot be transmitted to others if any kind of fluids exchange take place between your body and others. If you have taken an initiative to do the test is just for your knowledge to learn whether you have this disease or not.

If you are going for the test then you are not only showing that are you are smarter but also ensuring a safer tomorrow for others. Consult the specialist for same in case you have the doubts regarding this virus.