myLAB Box Review

Sexually Transmitted Diseases have been on a rise since the past decade. With Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis spreading 3x times than 2013, routine STD Testing has become a necessity rather than an annual test obligation. Many healthcare companies have ventured into providing the easiest ways to get an STD diagnosis owing to the stigma or embarrassment attached to STD diseases. One of these companies is myLAB Box that provides home test STD kits while claiming 99% of accuracy in the results. Here’s all you need to know about myLAB Box:

About myLAB Box

myLAB Box is USA’s leading STD test kit providers and has a strong presence in the healthcare industry. Their primary focus is to sustain an individual’s privacy and provide faster results at the comfort of individuals. They follow a simple procedure, by providing customized STD kits at certain decided costs, and upon receiving the test samples, they forward them to verified labs and then reveal the results via posts or email, according to the individual’s choice.

What myLAB Box promises?

  1. Privacy of information and results
  2. Securing patient’s identity, medical history, and all other communications.
  3. Easy to follow steps
  4. Easy on the wallet prices (detailed below)

How to Order an STD Test at myLAB Box

  1. Order an individual or a bundled test from myLAB Box website. It is advised to take up a bundled test since nearly half of the symptoms of all STIs are similar to one another at the initial stage, which means that self-diagnosis cannot be certain.
  2. Upon selection of gender in the myLAB Box website, you will see recommendations which will assist you in an easier selection. However, there are no personalized recommendations, unlike other STD test kit providers.
  3. You will be asked to make a purchase using your Credit/Debit card/PayPal/Bank Transfer.
  4. Upon a successful purchase, you will receive your order within 2-7 business days depending upon your location.
  5. Once you receive your test kit package, follow the instructions as detailed within the box. Make sure you are able to collect a quality sample so as you can receive an accurate result. Good samples reveal exact results which prevent any second test.
  6. Mail the collected sample to the address as provided by myLAB Box. Once the team at myLAB Box has received your samples, you will be notified with an email containing details of their further course of action.
  7. Once the results are out, you will be provided with a secure link to check your results online.
  8. In case there is a positive diagnosis, myLAB Box offers free online/telephonic consultation so as you are advised well on time for a further course of action.

myLAB Box Pricing and Packages:

There are in total 13 testing options available on the myLAB Box website, detailed as below:

For a comprehensive test analysis, you can order a bundled test. In case you doubt that you were recently exposed to an STI, but are unsure about your symptoms, then as well, you are advised to go for a bundled test.

In case you are sure of specific symptoms, then you can order single or customized tests, detailed as below:

Individual Tests:

  1. HIV – $79
  2. Trichomoniasis – $79
  3. Syphilis – $79
  4. Genital Herpes – $79
  5. Hepatitis C – $79

Combined Tests:

  1. Chlamydia & Gonorrhea – $79
  2. Mycoplasma Genitalium – $79
  3. Chlamydia & Gonorrhea 3-site test – $179
  4. HPV (Women above 30) – $79

Panel Test or Bundled Tests:

Safe Box Package or 4-test panel – $189

Tests for:

  1. Gonorrhea
  2. HIV
  3. Chlamydia
  4. Trichomoniasis

Uber Box package or 8-test panel– $269

Tests for:

  1. HIV Type 1 & 2
  2. Herpes type 2
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Chlamydia
  5. Syphilis
  6. Hepatitis C
  7. Trichomoniasis

Total Box package or 14-test panel – $369 to $399

  1. Chlamydia (Throat, Genital, Rectal)
  2. Hepatitis C
  3. Herpes Simplex 2
  4. HIV I & II
  5. Gonorrhea (Throat, Genital, Rectal)
  6. Trichomoniasis
  7. Syphilis
  8. Mycoplasma genitalium
  9. HPV

Love Box package- 8-test panel for couples – $499

Includes individual kits for each partner.

Common STD Symptoms to look out for:


HIV does not surface for a long time or in the early stages, which means it is important to take an HIV test as soon as something conflicting about your health starts to happen after a careless night.

Early symptoms to look out for:

  1. Fevers and chills
  2. Mouth ulcers
  3. Night Sweats
  4. General fatigue
  5. Rashes
  6. Muscle aches
  7. Sore throat
  8. Swollen lymph nodes


It is predicted by many medical practitioners that Trichomoniasis symptoms come and go and sometimes are hard to recognize at the early stages. Here are some of the early symptoms that you can look out for:

  1. Green, grey, yellow, frothy or a differentially bad-smelling vaginal discharge
  2. Bloody vaginal discharge
  3. Irritation and itching in and around your vagina
  4. Swelling around your genitals
  5. Pain during sex
  6. Frequent urge to pee
  7. Urethra discharge
  8. Irritation and itching around your penis


Like HIV and Trichomoniasis, Syphilis symptoms are hard to notice as well in the early stages. Look out for these common Syphilis symptoms and order an STD test if you are questionable about your present health status.

Symptoms in Women:

  1. Reddish-brown sores or a skin rash
  2. Sores in vagina, anus, or mouth
  3. Fever, Headache, and Fatigue
  4. Muscle aches, Hair loss, Weight loss, Stroke
  5. Inflammation and Infection of membranes around the spinal cord and brain
  6. Numbness, Dementia, and Deafness
  7. Visual problems like blindness
  8. Aneurysm
  9. Personality changes
  10. Jaundice, Swollen Glands
  11. Neurological Problems
  12. Bone Abnormalities

Symptoms in Men:

  1. Reddish-brown sores or a skin rash
  2. Sores in penis, mouth, or anal area
  3. Fever, Headache and Fatigue, Muscle aches
  4. Numbness, Deafness, Dementia
  5. Hair loss, Weight loss
  6. Neurological Problems
  7. Inflammation and Infection around the membranes of spinal cord and brain
  8. Visual problems like blindness
  9. Aneurysm
  10. Personality changes, Heart valve disease
  11. Jaundice, Swollen Glands
  12. Bone Abnormalities

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is way too common in the USA and is primarily caused by HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. Few common Genital Herpes symptoms to look out for:

  1. Sores and swelling around the Urethra
  2. Itching
  3. Pain around the Genital Area
  4. Burning sensation during urination
  5. Fever
  6. Chills
  7. Headache
  8. Consistent Fatigue
  9. Blisters (a sign of a Genital Herpes outbreak)

Oral Herpes

Oral Herpes is caused by the HSV-1 virus and tends to affect mainly the mouth area. Common Oral Herpes symptoms to look out for:

  1. Mild or severe itching on or around lips or mouth area
  2. Blisters or sores around the mouth area or the lips
  3. Swollen glands in the neck, armpit or groin
  4. Fever and Headache
  5. Body aches and pains


A common character trait of nearly every STI is that there are no identifiable symptoms in the early stages until and unless an individual is extra careful. Here are some of the common Gonorrhea symptoms:

  1. Painful urination
  2. Pus release from the top of the penis
  3. Pain or swelling in one testicle
  4. Vaginal bleeding in between periods
  5. Bleeding in the vagina after a sexual intercourse
  6. Painful intercourse
  7. Abdominal or pelvic pain
  8. Sensitivity to light
  9. Septic Arthritis
  10. Itching in the anal area
  11. Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes


Like other STIs, Chlamydia can go unnoticed in the early stages of the infection and as a result, many people mistake it with some other commonly occurring mid disease like cold or flu. Here are some symptoms that can help you recognize your symptoms:

  1. Pain while urination
  2. Painful sex
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Bleeding between periods
  5. Abnormal vaginal discharge (yellowish discharge with a strong smell)
  6. Watery, pus or milky discharge from the tip of the penis
  7. Tender or Swollen Testicles
  8. Pain, Discharge along with  bleeding around the Anus
  9. Redness and itching in the eye

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C produces no to mild symptoms in the early stages which is why understanding the disease is more critical as late diagnosis of this disease can lead to complications.

  1. Consistent Fatigue
  2. Joint pain
  3. Sore muscles
  4. Fever
  5. Dark urine
  6. Nausea and Poor Appetite
  7. Stomach pain or Abdominal Pain
  8. Itchy skin
  9. Yellow discolouration of the skin
  10. Whitening in the eyes or Jaundice

HPV or Human papillomavirus

As a fact stated by CDC, a sexually active woman or a man, will some time in thier life, contract HPV since it is the most commonly occurring STI. It should be known that there is no cure for HPV so far and it can easily progress into cancer in case of untimely diagnosis. Few of the symptoms to look out for:

  • Genital Warts or harmless growth in your vulva/vagina/penis/anal area.

myLAB Box Turn Around Time

Unlike other home test STD kits providers, myLAB Box takes longer and reveals the results within 5-11 business days.

myLAB Box Accuracy

There are skeptics attacked to home-based test kits but myLAB Box resolves that presumption easily. The test performed by myLAB Box is processed in CLIA-certified labs which are just as accurate as any other test taken in any hospital or a clinic.

The kits used by myLAB Box are certified by a lab affiliate or by the FDA. As long as samples collected at home are taken by following proper guidelines, then the results declared after sample assessment are 99.9% accurate.

In case there is a false positive, myLAB Box recommends individuals to take a retest after 1-12 weeks (depending upon the STD) as the symptoms might not have grown to the extent of detection.

Home Counselling Options

myLAB Box offers home counseling options that are free of cost. In case you have declared as a positive in the results, then the doctors will advise you further course of action. Treatment plans according to the diagnosis can be followed, upon physicians advice. You can visit a doctor to receive a proper action plan for your diagnosis after a telephonic consultation.

myLAB Box Payment Options

myLAB Box takes Credit/Debit card payments. However, it should be noted that myLAB Box does not accept health insurance payments which are followed so as they can maintain their confidentiality policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trustpilot rating of myLAB Box?

myLAB Box has a strong 7/10 rating earned from myLAB Box.

How accurate are myLAB Box test results?

myLAB Box conducts tests in their CLIA-certified labs which are known to provide to 99% accuracy in STD test revelations.

If I am detected as positive then what do I do?

In case you acquire a positive in the test, then there is no need to panic, as a timely diagnosis can cure the disease easily. myLAB Box also provides its customers with online counseling or telephonic counseling. Medical practitioners in myLAB Box guide their customers for the further course of action. They do not provide with prescriptions but are able to guide you through the next step. You can consult a Physician for prescriptions and medications.

Can customers under the age of 18 take an STD test?

No, you have to be above 18 years to order a test from myLAB Box as they follow strict policies.

Is sample collecting from myLAB Box a painful process?

No, usually a blood sample/urine sample or swab testing is required. Blood can be extracted from a single prick on the finger. Urine sample and swab collection is a painless process.

Can I buy a test for a friend or a family member?

Yes, myLAB Box allows its customers to buy STD test kits for their friends or any family member.

Does myLAB Box accept health insurance?

No, myLAB Box does not accept health insurance since there are plenty of confidentiality issues involved. A lot of customers prefer to keep their identity anonymous which is not helpful in the case of using health insurance.

How can I make payments on myLAB Box?

You can use your HSA or FSA cards for making a purchase on myLAB Box. Also, myLAB Box accepts payments through credit/debit card. Please note that there are no payment guarantees in case of HSA or FSA cards.

Can I gift an STD test kit to my partner or buy him/her the kit?

In order to keep your partner or any other family member safe, you can gift an STD test through myLAB Box as they offer gifting system that looks modest. In case you are aware that any family member of yours is involved in random sexual activities or have multiple sex partners then you can gift them the myLAB Box STD test kit.