HIV Facts

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A lot of research has been done on HIV/AIDS and there are some HIV Facts that you must know about.

No matter how much world has exceeds in regards of health challenges but HIV/AIDS is still an ailment whose prevention is still a question mark till the date. It is a growing problem in middle and low income generated countries. Though with the recent development in the growing technology they have got access over advancement in ART, antiretroviral therapy, due to which those who are suffering from HIV are not living a sick life but still there are certain misfacts that people have stored in their brain.

By the end of the last year, 2014 it was noted that 14.9 million people were reported to receive ART across the world. This number comprises of 40% of the total number (34.4 million-41.4 million) of people who are suffering from this disease. The process of healing the baby in mother’s womb and protecting mother from HIV is still under progress. According to a recent research almost 7/10 of the ten pregnant women are receiving ARV (antiretroviral).

WHO has recently released a list of guidelines and aids to these countries so that they could not only formulate but frame the policies and projects for scaling and improvement of treatment, care, support services and HIV prevention for those who are in need of this treatment.

A list of ten HIV facts should be educated to you so that you do not develop any misconception about it.

  • Immunity system’s cell is infected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) – a consisting deterioration could be seen in the infected person which breaks down the ability of the patient’s body to fight with other diseases. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS is the extreme stage of the infection from HIV. It could be better defined as the occurrence of several opportunistic infections or cancer together.

It could be transmitted by diverse process like:

  1. If contaminated blood is transfused.
  2. Involve with oral sex to the person who is suffering from it.
  3. Sexual intercourse in the unprotected manner may be anal or vaginal.
  4. In case if one use the syringe, sharp instrument or needles that are contaminated.
  5. Transmission of this disease could be done from a mother to a baby or vice versa at the time of child birth, breastfeeding or pregnancy.
  • Ways to prevent HIV transmission- it could be done in several ways, like:
  • Remember to use the safe ways while having sex. Like using condoms are always suggested. Even the televisions are showing regular advertisements and program related to it.
  • Remember to get yourself treated to check if you are suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted infections, especially HIV.
  • Whenever you are using any blood or products related to blood, do not forget to check if they are tested for HIV or not.
  • If possible try to ignore drugs by injecting or in case if no other alternative is possible then always use disposable syringe or needles.
  • Approx 36.9 million population of the world is infected with HIV all around the world.
  • Recent research- and estimation of 36. 9 million populations are known to be infected with life taking disease, HIV in last year, 2014 among which 1/18th part were children. Generally the middle and low earning countries are affected by this problem. Approx 2 million people were newly recorded in the list of those who are infected by it in the year 2014. Till now the death numbers have reached somewhere 34 million people from this disease and 1.2/34th part of this number was in 2014.
  • ART is the best prevention to prohibit the multiplying capacity of this disease inside the infected body- the best way to control this disease is by controlling the reproduction capacity of the virus of HIV. It will help in keeping the immune cell to live for longer period and to save the body from all kind of infection. In case if one of the partner of HIV positive is in treatment by ART who is being treated by ART then the possibility of the disease being transferred to the partner who is HIV negative drops down to 96% automatically. In the beginning of 2015 approx 15 million people recorded their name for being treated by ART. Among this approx 13.5 million people belong to lower and middle income generating countries. WHO has even announced that ART should be initiated if the count fall of CD4 reads by 500 cubic cells/mm especially in breastfeeding and pregnant females and serodiscordant couples who are suffering from HIV, TB+HIV and HIV+ hepatitis B+ severe liver problems. All the children who are of less than 5 years old must be treated with ART if they are diagnosed HIV+. The biggest problem starts when you look for the ways to reach them.
  • HIV testing is always favored-one should access HIV testing and if diagnosed positive should take the medicines so that by 2030 world could face no AIDS era. 150 million people including children were reported to do the testing in low and middle earning countries in the year 2014 but still the number is nothing as till now only 51%people are aware about their HIV infection status.
  • 6 million Children are expected to live with HIV- these effected children are known to reside mostly in suburbs of Saharan Africa and are expected to get this disease from their HIV+ mothers at the time of pregnancy, breastfeeding or childbirth. In the year 2014, it was estimated that approx 2.3lacs children were reported to be infected by HIV+.
  • Medical science has turned the possibility of eliminating the chance of mother to baby into reality- though the access of this measures is too limited s the major infected patients of these disease are residing in the year which are tough to reach but continuous progress has been done and prevention was possible that too by keeping the mother alive. During 2014 approx 7 on 10 pregnant ladies who were affected by this disease received the ART worldwide. Cuba was proudly declared as the nation that has reported no cases of syphilis and HIV transmission from mother to child by WHO.
  • Active Tuberculosis diseases may turn HIV more risky- 360000 deaths were reported in the year 2013 due to the tuberculosis who was also suffering from HIV. It covers the 1/4th of the total death of HIV patients in 2013. Suburbs Saharan Africa people is more affected by it.
  • HIV never gets transmitted by sharing commodities.

HIV patients should be treated with equal respect then only we can expect that the patients will come and treat themselves freely.

We truly believe that some of the HIV Facts we mentioned in this article are eye opener for many. If you have HIV facts with you and want to share them with us, feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook page.