Gonorrhea Test

Gonorrhea Test

Gonorrhea Test: Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases which is widely transmitted much promptly than others.

This disease is highly expanding and much common in united states, coming next to chlamydia.

This disease is not the one which shows a lot of symptoms but it is highly dangerous due to the spreading nature of infection.

Gonorrhea is caused due to the bacteria are known as Neisseria gonorrhea which is highly dangerous.

The infection occurs due to the unprotected oral sex or vaginal sex with multiple partners. The Neisseria gonorrhea which causes the infection to generate grows quickly and multiplies itself in the moist areas the of the reproductive part.

The effect of Gonorrhea is also shown in the human throat, anus, and even mouth while it also spreads locally much faster than others.

The person affected with the disease is required to undergo the treatment at earliest where the disease is dangerous for both man and women.

As Gonorrhea doesn’t show many symptoms, it is highly advisable that you should get tested for it if you’ve done an unprotected sex with someone whose status is unknown.

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Symptoms of Gonorrhea Infection in Men & Women

Gonorrhea is the disease which can easily be known by the infected person with it’s some commonly known symptoms. The disease shows fewer symptoms in men and more in women. There may be the situations where the disease shows no sign in men but it the is the most critical situation as the person who goes intercourse with the infected person, is likely to get infected. The disease spread widely by sexual intercourse between partners. Women get to see the major symptoms while some men never get to see any symptom.

For men, there are some common symptoms which are generally seen on men. These are some symptoms below:

  • You may get the urgency of the urination. Sometimes you may see the pus-like discharge from the penis which is generally in three different colors.
  • At the opening of the penis, redness may be seen.
  • You may get annoyed with the persistent throat problem.
  • It may make the burning sensation which may be felt while urinating.

As the male gets to see the symptom, he must visit the health-care without making any delay.

Women are likely to get the symptoms which can be noted easily, are mentioned below

  • Women may feel the discharge from the vagina similar to the one from the penis.
  • They might feel the pain and burning sensation at the time of urination.
  • The persistent throat problem is the common symptoms in men and women.
  • There may be the pain during the sexual intercourse with your partner
  • There might be the sharp pain in the lower abdomen
  • The mild fever could also take place.

Gonorrhea Test Options

There are a lot of tests available to detect the infection of Gonorrhea which is not only accurate in terms of result but also fast. Nucleic Acid amplification is the tests that intimidate about the presence of Gonorrhea infection in the patient by detecting the DNA of the disease while the result will be very accurate. The test can be carried using the urine sample and blood sample.

One of the popular tests is the Nucleic acid hybridization where the test is done using the blood sample of the person getting infected with the disease while the Gonorrhea Culture is another type of test where the blood sample is taken from the infected part or area. This test is also one of the famous and accurate test in terms of the result. The test which is mainly used for men is Gram stain tests which are conducted by taking the fluid sample from the penis. Due to the nature of test, it is not used for women and only used in men to identify the presence of the infection. If any person gets the positive result, he/she must go for the proper treatment along with following sample of prevention measures to live the better life. Negative results show that either person is not affected or there are not ample evidence of having the disease. As the person gets to see the  symptoms of the disease, he must go under the test without hesitation, and further he must stop having intercourse with the partner. as it may increase the risk of spreading the disease.

The Right Time to Test for Gonorrhea:

Although it cannot be said, which is the right time to go for a test and it can only be told by the doctor when to go for the check up. But it is highly recommended that as you get to know the symptoms of the infection taking place in your body, then immediately you must visit the health care center. The unusual sex with multiple partners is the strongest reason of getting affected by the disease and in order to prevent yourself from long-term caution , it is necessary to visit the healthcare provider. There is common symptom which is generally considered by the doctors as the first symptom of Gonorrhea that includes increased vaginal discharge and bleeding of vaginal intercourse in women and painful urination. There are a lot of people who get infected by this disease and result in the painful end of their sexual life while it can also lead to other sexually transmitted  disease.

Once the symptoms are verified, the patient needs to go immediately the nearest health care center as the delay might get you indulge in the long term loss of time and health.

After getting some symptoms, it is very necessary to test immediately in the best healthcare provider. After having sex with multiple partners, it is very necessary to test for this infection to prevent yourself from long-term cautions. These test can be carried out when the doctor sees increased vaginal discharge, bleeding of vaginal intercourse or painful urination. There are some people who have this infection will end their life soon are the sex workers and also affected with other sexually transmitted disease.